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About BOX Security Ltd

About BOX Security Limited, established in Greenwich since the early 1970s, began trading in earnest with a very simple mission statement :

                                                                           “Always Care, What’s Best for the Customer”

Upholding this core value BOX Security Ltd, trading under the name Box Security has continued to serve the local community to this day, providing dependable safety and security alarm systems with ongoing support maintenance services.

Since the beginning, BOX have always focused on providing the best security equipment, maintenance services and user experience possible.
Whether it be designing a new bespoke security system or installing standard security equipment, we take great care to ensure that the system will serve you the end user, rather than the user having to change their life style to fit around the security system.

34 Greenwich High Road Greenwich SE10 8LS About - BOX Security psge picture

BOX Security is an independent London registered private limited business, with a work shop and offices located in the heart of historical Royal Borough of Greenwich in Greenwich High Road next door to Wellington House in Burgos Grove, itself steeped in history, opposite to us is the famous Deptford Creek and Historic Mumford Mill buildings.

Greenwich and Deptford have a very strong Naval link dating back to the early days of sailing.

The Cutty-Sark, the world’s sole surviving tea clipper and monument to the age of sail, has a permanent stone dry-dock home at the other end of Greenwich High Road.

We called ourselves BOX Security because of the link with Security and visible external alarm Bell Boxes.

We use a low profile square, Vandal and Weather Resistant outside BOX, made from high grade stainless steel, to house our external alarm sounders and other safety/security equipment.
BOX Security began initially installing bells only alarm systems with an external Bell-Box, a very loud alarm bell inside that Box and flashing lights on the outside. Back then, in the 1970s, if an alarm bell was heard one would normally call the Police or Brigade. Sadly nowadays not many seem to take much notice of alarm bells or sirens.
BOX Security now also install Monitored Alarm Systems to compliment the well established traditional bells-only alarm systems.
We are very Proud of our Old-Style Bell Box, and affectionately call it,
the BOX-Box.
                Some regard our BOX-Box as a work of Art, So do we.

About BOX BOX Security Ltd stainless-steel Bell-BOX Box Our smart distinctive stainless steel alarm BOX, is both visually pleasing and a genuine worn away burglar deterrent that works, and will blend into almost any environment, view our extensive picture gallery.

BOX Believes

Our goal is to always care what’s best for the customer : Sometimes however, the end user is maybe unsure as to what the best system or method to employ, we as professionals believe careful consultation with the customer over a proposed security systems, will ultimately optimize the design for customer ease of use and enjoyment.
Do things really well : We work with the world’s best security equipment suppliers and manufacturers without compromise, our dedication to supplying the very best equipment, employing the very best methods of installation is what we do as standard, to best provide system usability for user peace of mind.
Good is not good enough : For us, we see being good at what we do as just the starting point, not the end standard. We set ourselves higher goals, because we know by reaching for them we can get further than we expected. Through innovation and creativity, we aim to take things that work well and improve them. For example, when one of our engineers noted some users were unsure if their alarm system had been set, we built an LED display indicating what part of the system had been set, leading to improved end user system management and peace of mind. Slow is better then Fast : We know your time is valuable, but when it comes to security installation work, the work has to be well executed with great care, not easily rushed. Whether or not we attend priced or day-work, we take our time. There are many ways of increasing efficiency and work flow, but in the end slowly and surely is best for the customer.
Making money without profiteering : BOX Security Limited is a business, it is important for us to maintain profitability and a steady cash flow in order to provide all the backstage services and backup required to run an efficient service. The revenue we generate is derived from initial design and installation work together with ongoing service contracts. Hundreds of customers use our maintenance programmes contributing with annual or monthly fees to ensure that ultimately we can serve our customer’s efficiently and cost effectively.

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