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Home Safety and Security alarm systems are a must have nowadays,
burglary crime - is a sad fact and we understand the true cost of burglary,
often what they take is of no importance, but the emotional trauma they leave behind will be.

Most home burglaries are statistically committed by opportunist thieves,
we are very good at protecting homes from unwanted visitors.

Instead of only detecting intruder movement inside your property after a braking in.
Our home intruder alarm systems are designed to prevent entry,
by detecting an attempted burglary before they break in.

We also have a very distinctive and effective visual deterrent,
local burglars are very familiar with our distinctive :
Stainless steel alarm box, blue BOX logo and flashing warn-away red LED light.

Peace of mind the simple way

HomeControl+ Mobile app :

BOX Security HomeControl+ Mobile app : Control your security world from anywhere in the world. With a BOX Security HomeControl+
Mobile app : you can c
ontrol your security world from anywhere in the world.

We can monitor & maintain your home alarm system for you,
or you could self monitor and maintain independently.

Control Your Home from Anywhere in the World with a
BOX Security HomeControl+App

BOX Security Ltd - Home Control+ Mobile app,. Control your security world from anywhere in the world.

Simply smart home security, Simple, Safe, Secure, Remote control and alarm events, directly on your mobile phone.

 Home Intruder Alarms.

Alarm BOX in Pimlico SW1 by BoxSecurity.Ltd Stainless steel Alarm Box by BOX in Pimlico SW1

Grade 2 (two) Intruder alarm system in Pimlico SW1. (Instaled in 2012 by BoxSecurity.Ltd).

Home fire detector Alarms.

Smoke Detector from https://www.boxsecurity.ltd/Smoke & Heat detector.

Designed to detect rate of rise heat and ionised smoke, (smoldering fire).

Home toxic gas Alarms.

Carbon Monoxide from : https://www.boxsecurity.ltd/Carbon monoxide detector.

Carbon Monoxide is a lethal, unseen,  undetectable by smell, (odorless gas).

Home CCTV Alarms.

CCTV From https://www.boxsecurity.ltdCloud-log CCTV over I/P.

Remotely view incidents a on dedicated cloud server from your mobile phone.

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We will ask one of our security engineers to visit you at your home or business,
and recommend the perfect security solution based on your needs and circumstances.

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