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Crime or accident are often unavoidable, when it happens will disrupt your business.
This disruption can be irreversible, and may completely ruin any business plan.

Protect the Business future by switching your security alarm systems over to BOX Security Ltd.

Our independent professional ARC Southern Monitoring will monitor your alarm 24/7.
BOX will maintain your systems to the best possible standard and ensure reliability.


Intruder Alarm syatems

Insurance Approved Monitored Police response, Business Intruder Alarms.
Panic alarm, Local and or remote response.

CCTV Alarm systems

Insurance Approved Monitored Cloud based storage, Local & Remote, Business CCTV Alarms and Intruder systems.

Toxic Gas Alarms

Gas Alarm detector from BOX Security
Insurance Approved Monitored, Local & Remote response, Business Toxic Gas Alarms.

Fire Alarm systems
Smoke Alarm detector from BOX Security
Insurance Approved Monitored, Local & Brigade response, Business Fire Alarms.

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We will ask one of our security engineers to visit you at your home or business,
and recommend the perfect security solution based on your needs and circumstances.

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Business Security.