Choose Box Security

Choose Box Security
Why Choose Box Security

  • Choose Box Security because our alarm systems are never ignored
  • Business and homeowners trust Box Security
  • UK based ARC 24/7 monitoring centres
  • Box Security experts help to keep you safe
  • 24/7 monitoring, service, support and a fast alarm response
  • Professionally trained engineers keep your alarm system working
  • Box Security can remotely diagnose and fix system faults
  • Box Security our mission statement "Always Care What's Best for the Customer"

Professionally trained engineers
Box Security have expert in alarm system Installation and maintaining work, and will monitor your alarm system 24/7 to keep you safe.
Simple and quick installation
Installation with our technicians on site is quick simple, and easy with modern wireless alarm systems.
User friendly alarm systems
Box Security alarm systems are simple to use, set & unset using a keytag or hand-held radio fob, with a four digit code back-up.
Pet tolerant detectors
Box Security can use pet tolerant movement detectors that distinguish between a burglar, cat or dog by weight. 
Protection full time 
Over 35 years of experience installing and maintaining alarm systems to help protect your business and home.
Trusted brand for over 35 years
Box Security have been protecting business and homes for over 35 years, striving for product excellence and customer service.



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